Client Since 1969, Abacus Hydraulics Ltd. has been custom designing, manufacturing & supplying of High Torque Drives, Roller Screen Pellet Classifying Systems and other special mining equipment all over the world. History shows the development of many "Industry Firsts" setting the standard for today and future mining requirements. FE Techno Engineering & Power solutions are authorised Indian representative for products of Abacus Hydraulics ltd.

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Client Uralmash, the largest machine-building corporation based at Ekaterinburg in Russia, manufacture and supply process equipment for domestic and foreign steel companies. M/s URALMASH design and deliver the complete equipment for iron and steel industry. M/s URALMASH are also engaged in the modernization of existing plant and equipment with the aim of improving the service characteristics of the units and increasing the product quality.M/s URALMASH have around 75-years of experience in the development of metallurgical plants and machinery. M/s URALMASH design and deliver sintering plants, blast-furnace equipment, continuous billet casters, rolling mill equipment, press-forging plants and also straight travelling grate induration machines. They have supplied and successfully commissioned indurating machines with a reaction area of 108, 189, 240, 306, 528 and 596 M2. Since 1964, about 50 complexes with straight travelling grate induration machines were manufactured and commissioned by M/s URALMASH.

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Client GoodRich MAGMA Industrial Technologies Limited is a registered Indian company, having marketing rights for several overseas mineral processing and steel companies from China, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. These companies are engaged in the manufacture of plant and machinery for Ore Beneficiation, Pelletisation, Briquetting, MAGMA smelting, Gas Oxygen Refiner, Ceramic clay brick making, Flash pyrolysis, Cross wedge Rolling plants etc.

M/s GoodRich MAGMA is working hard on marketing these new cost effective processes & technologies to prospective investors in Iron ore processing and steel making projects in India.

Fe Techno Engineering & Power Solutions and GoodRich MAGMA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, to jointly promote these industrial projects, especially MAGMA smelting unit and Gas Oxygen Refiner so that the new industries can make use of these cost effective solutions.

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